An Almost Spring Weekend (Snow, Sun, Fun)

It was a great weekend.  So much happened, so much variation, so much of what is good.

Friday it snowed 9 or so inches.  I worked from home and the kids had a snow day.  It was a lot of snow in a short period of time and it snowed during the day, which hasn’t happened much lately (while I’ve been home on the weekends).  Friday night had dinner and a movie, where we went to the theater and all of the middle school kids were there.  Olivia had fun and we had a teaching moment with Gregory coming up with his 3 point plan for talking to the parents, brought about because Olivia didn’t get the sleep over she wanted at the last minute after the movie.
Gregory’s 3 point plan is to 1) match the parents energy when about to speak with them and ask permission for a quick discussion, 2) have a plan, which includes 3) getting parental involvement and approval from the parent having a sleep over.  It was a well articulated plan and provides reason why he has had so many sleep overs.
On Saturday night, Olivia, tried to get a plan working with friends for the sleepover she tried the previous night.  All of her friends were mysteriously not available, saying sorry, next time…  One friend, Brynne, was available and came over to our house for the night.  We never saw her parents, or spoke to them, which is a little strange, especially when she was waiting outside in the dark when I picked her up.  Still, Olivia got her sleep over and was very happy.  It will be interesting to find out what was going on with her other friends.  Our guess is that there might have been a bar mitzvah that Olivia was not invited too, and that’s where many of her friends were.  I doubt there was a full class boycott of Oli.
Earlier Saturday, while the crew watched movies, I got out for a ride on the beautiful 51 degree day.  It was glorious, and shook off some of the cobwebs around my waste, I hope.  If anything, it got me moving again.  Maybe it is more tennis playing, but I need something to keep my heart pumping on the weekends during the cold.
Sunday was colder, but still beautiful, and we brought the dogs to Compo Beach for some off the leash time and a walk.  They engaged in a polar plunge as well and were having a great time with the multitude of dogs out there.  We took a long walk to Elvira’s and had lunch in the sun, and then walked back.  This time, everyone was happy for the exercise and Kecia’s knee even felt fine.
Even though it seemed full, and I didn’t mention sitting in the sunshine, CCD classes, nor Mr. Offir’s new Tesla Model S delivery, we were not rushed and time went slowly.  It was a great pre-spring weekend.  I wanted to uncover the gem that was there this weekend.  Lots of talks, not much discord, if any, and great family time.  My hope, prayer and desire is to keep that spirit alive and well, and to embrace the good times with the family so that more of them occur.
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