Making Decisions

Today there are a lot of what seems to be decisions to make. Does my daughter go to track, or just soccer? Does she drive her friends to soccer? Does my son really want to be in school? Should we support him in that effort, even though he does not put in the effort? Or should we pull the plug on school, since we are racking up the bills — and him too? Should I stay and hash out a conversation with my wife about spending more time together, about how to handle the dogs, about being missed or not, and about taking so much time in the morning to drink coffee?

All of these things are part of life, of course. But they also take away from the goals I am trying to achieve: mainly to get work going that makes money, whether it is a startup being funded, or a large corporation and being part of their team. Those are the decisions I want to be making, or at least making progress on, since they add stress to my life – financial stress, and social stress to a lesser degree.

But the first set of questions means more to me, and to my life. Why do I put the latter first? Because there is social stigma and judgement around what work you do, how successful you are, and where that puts you in the social strata? Probably a lot there. But also the personal expectations of doing well, paying bills, saving for life and financial independence. Making those goals seems super important. But as I think about it, we live day to day, in the moment, and those moments are the most important. What we are doing right now is the most important moment of our life — because it is really the only moment we have. Not the past, not the future — you only have right now.

So making the most of right now is best. Figuring out my son’s right now is best. Figuring out my daughter’s right now is best. And figuring out what is best for my wife and me right now is best. What’s the use for saving and planning for the future if it is not a moment that you can embrace and enjoy. And as I said before in another note, if you embrace the moment of now, you will not regret anything as the moment passes, making the next moment sweeter. And you won’t be worried about the upcoming moments, until they actually get here, and when you then take them on fully.

So rushing from one place to the next probably is not the best way to go. And not taking advantage of the time you have in this moment, to work, play, discuss, or embrace is also not the best way to go. Enjoy this moment and tackle it while you are here. That seems like the best decision to make.

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