Attitude of Gratitude

I have been listening a lot to the homily from Msgr. Torgerson on the Happiness Project.  This has been a real gift for me to think of the lens of how we look through and see the world in either a happy way, or a depressing way.

And I am moving to appreciate more, to make the investments I want to make, and to see the world as a game that I am playing, and not a fait au complis.
I want to think of my life as the primary game, and then of the game I am playing for work.  It is important to remember where you live and to create the memories there.  Sure it is great to create the best products and experiences, to help develop new markets or sell more homes.  What is important is why you do these things.  What is the big why?  Why do all this?
For me the big why is about having more time with family and to give the perspective to the family that relationships are key, that being smart is key, and that you have the power to do good in the world.  Ultimately, really the only thing that matters is love.  Spending time and sharing connection, using the tools and gifts to make life better for others, and sharing the perspective and tools with others, so that their lives can be better.
I read something yesterday from Staples about the Happiness Project.  Most folks say that happiness is going to happen after they reach their goal.  And their goal is ever moving, so they never reach their goal.  If instead you make the goal achievable every day, or even every moment of every day, you can be happy now.  And when you are happy, your brain produces dopamine, increasing your focus, energy and happiness.
So at any moment the stresses of life can be cast aside and happiness can be achieved.  And if happy now then happy later.  Knowing that, let’s go get ’em!
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