Special Afternoon Delight Edition

Today is the first workday of daylight savings, and I am riding home on the train and there is light outside.  Pretty nice.

I ran much of the way to the train because I got caught on the phone with American Express.  It was over 50 degrees in the city and it was a great day to jog, so I did.  I made the train and luckily got a very nice seat, where I can look out the windows and see the cloudy yet light and warm afternoon.
I started reading about Millionaire Real Estate agent and it got me thinking, especially when they talked about how Warren Buffet studied models over and over again.  That got me thinking and visualizing me doing something similar.
I envision myself sitting at the breakfast table with books open in front of me, studying models of investing, financial planning, spreadsheet modeling, and analyzing businesses.  Why not?  Why not become a student of the market?  I pay 30 per month for the online edition of the investors business daily.  How much would I pay for the paper edition?  I think of having Benjamin Grahams book in front of me, and the financial planning books as well.  I see about brining the computer from work, taking off all email and instant messaging off of it, so that I can focus on the analysis.  Take khan academy courses. Learn everything you can.
Think about the businesses that Warren Buffet likes.  Those that have a wide moat around them, those that have a durable power (sounded something like that) of a difference and advantage from other businesses.  Think about those businesses that provide a service that is not easily replicated by others, and does not have a lot of competition.
The student.
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