Happy 50th Jeffrey!

To my buddy Jeffrey,

It was a long time ago, maybe 1991, 27 years ago, when Jeffrey and I crossed paths. We were both in school and I needed a partner to work with on a project. I could have picked someone who was smart, or pretty, or organized, but instead I picked Jeffrey! I decided that I wanted someone shifty looking, someone who could come up with some crazy schemes, someone who could talk his way into things, or out of things! Jeffrey was the right guy.

Not long after that project we became fast friends, scheming our way through graduate school, focusing on the important things like partying, girls, taking trips, going sailing, and enjoying the heck out of every day. Of course, there were and still are laughs along the way, frequent trips to the Apple Store, and for the past many years, lots of family time. Jeffrey soon became “Uncle Jeffrey” to my family and I loved it when my kids finally got old enough to ask me why we had a Chinese uncle? I knew the day would come. Who’s brother was he, and how is he related to us?

Now Jeffrey has his own family, and has finally caught my age, or maybe even passed me by. It is a joy to see him with his happy family, and I smile when I think about them, when I talk to them, and when I see them. I am only sad that he and his family live in Taipei, Taiwan, and my family lives in Connecticut, in the USA.

But I am lucky to have the reason to go crazy and fly to the other side of the world, to help surprise him on his 50th birthday! As I sit in the plane for the better part of two days, I am grateful to have such a good friend in my life. It has given me and continues to give me real joy, and the chance to pay him back for flying across the world to celebrate my 50th.

Of course I can only publish this after his surprise party, so I don’t ruin things. My promise though moving forward is make more crazy maneuvers like this one, and not just for momentous occasions —- but maybe just because it’s Tuesday, or because it’s time to increase the joy in the world. Happy birthday pal!

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1 Response to Happy 50th Jeffrey!

  1. jeffreyclin says:

    Thanks bud for coming all the way for my party–I feel the love dude! I am so glad that you finally get to spend some quality time with my kids, as I did with yours when they were little. Bring all your family next time!

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