Train Stories

One of the reasons I started this blog was to capture the characters and moments that happen in this microcosm. Here’s a great one from long ago. 8/30/11

So I am taking the train home tonight. I am anxious to get home as the kids are having fun and there is a lot of work going on.

On the way home, I am doing some work, but I could not continue as a relatively attractive woman is talking quite loudly on the phone to someone. It is so interesting, that I could not even keep working. I tried to cover my ears but it was too loud and juicy, so I decided to add it to the blog.

So the woman is the step mother, or the dad’s girlfriend. She is talking to one of the kids about the ex-wife who wants to see the kids, but the kids are not going over to mom’s house. So Mom is pissed. She is changing the locks and she has told the kids that they need to come pick up their stuff.

At the early part of the call, the step-mom says to the kids to tell Mom that you (the kid) isn’t going to come over because Dad says the roads are bad. It’s not that the kid doesnt want to go there, even though Dad and step-mom don’t want the child go go there, because the drama is so bad, and the yelling, etc.

The step mom is kind of attractive and younger than the kids, and obviously cooler than the mom.

At another point, step mom said, if she wants to fight with us over this, then bring it on! Bring it on! …she actually sounded a little like Dirty Harry right there.

The dad sat in the train seat and watched as his wife/girlfriend threw around her opinions, influenced the kids, and basically stoked the fire. Step mom is planning to win this battle! So much for making things work, and I am sure all the promises of working well with the ex wife…

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