Back on the Train…Happily

I can’t believe I would ever say that I am happy to be back on the train, but I am.  With that admission, I feel like some sort of recovering addict!  Here’s my story.  After almost five years of commuting into the city, spending two hours each way, I realized that much of my life (up to 88 hours a month) has been spent in transit.  I’m sure there is a metaphor there or some life lesson, but today’s blog is more about what I did to make a change.

I did some quick analysis comparing driving in versus training in.  It’s only about 55 miles, and I currently take the Vespa to the train for 10 minutes, wait on the platform for 5 minutes, find a seat and train into the city for 70 minutes, and lastly walk or Citibike to the office for 25 minutes.  

I thought I could shave off 45 minutes each way by driving, saving me up to 33 hours a month!  OMG, I would get back a day and a half of my life each month!  So for the past week or so I have looked at cars that would be suitable, and thought about plans to make this driving happen.  And even if I was in traffic, I could have the windows and sunroof open, and it would be like I was hanging outside for my commute, coming and going as I please.  Sure it would cost more, but getting time back in life is worth the price.

…so I thought.  Yesterday was Marlo’s birthday and so I left a bit later than normal, 7:30am.  What I didn’t factor in was the always “on” aspect if driving in, the stress of keeping going, hitting the most efficient lane and not letting others cut you off.  The traffic also welcomed me from the moment I got on the parkway, and greeted me as I entered the city.  These delays started infringing on my first meeting, which I got dangerously close to missing.  It took me 2 hours to get in!  And while I could listen to NPR, I did not get to read and write to you…

So today, I am back on the train, saying hello to my fellow robots, looking out the window, reading and writing.  Even the power outage we just had where we sat on the tracks for an extra five minutes did not bother me.  It was the train welcoming me back with a little sucker punch.

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