Spring Cleaning

It is 40 degrees this morning, which is warm compared to what it has been, yet it is gray outside making it all seem colder.  As I ride on the train this morning and look our the window, I can see so many places that need a dumpster and some effort to clean them up.  I don’t care who owns them, and in some places, the trash and left over supplies and equipment are just strewn all over the sides of the tracks.  I want to get out the and go clean it up.  Hire a bin and then just go piece by piece and throw it away.

Take pride in your space, get all of that trash out of your sight, clean up your life and give yourself a chance to enjoy the freedom of renewal. 
As I think about this, the train goes by a golf course in Old Greenwich, where I have noticed the greens have been manicured and the course is getting prepared for its golfers.  It is no wonder why people like to spend time there…it is so beautiful, and it is right along the train tracks.  The stark comparison within just a few minutes is astounding.  The golf course has a bin right on the course where all of the branches and winter leftovers are gathered and ready for carting away.  A group of men are tilling the soil where new grass is being laid.
Thank God Spring has come, and let’s all get ready to enjoy it!  I am going to rent a bin myself and we will throw away items that we don’t need or use.  Clean things up and get them out!  Open the space in my home and in my family’s brains to take pride in where we live, and relax in the beauty of it.  You can’t create with all this junk around and in your brain, so let’s clean it up!
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