World Peace Starts At Home

I don’t know if this is entirely true, but I think that it must be. How could it not?  World peace starts in your own world.  And for us, that world is at home.
As Kecia sit in bed drinking coffee at zero dark thirty (actually zero dark ten as someone has to get to the train…), our day starts and we get to see it all come to life.  Before anything the dogs stir as I come downstairs.  I quiet them down and bring up the coffees.  We look out the window toward the east and we see the sunrise coming up through the trees, watching the blues give way to reds, which gives way to oranges.  It is a beautiful sight.  Now that the temperature is up a bit, we her birds chirping outside as well.
Where’s the world peace?  I’m getting to it!  About this time Gregory comes downstairs quietly, stoically, and walks into the bathroom for a shower.  He doesn’t say a thing, but tends to grunt as we say good morning.  (this grumpy grunting sounds like his dear old uncle Chris from when I was growing up.  Luckily Chris turned out very well, so there is hope for Gregory.). Anyway, this morning I told Gregory if he wanted to shower in my shower, he would need to say “Good morning” to his mother and me.  So we eeked out a GM from him.  Maybe it will be easier tomorrow.
And that’s when it hit me…how world peace must start at home.  Listening to NPR this morning we hear about North Korea and their nuclear saber rattling.  I realize I have some grumpy buggers in my own home.  Gregory at 14 is a bit grumpy and defiant.  Olivia can also be a trouble maker on her way to getting what she wants…everyday.  And Marlo tries to be the peacemaker until she gets frustrated at that task.  I can easily see how our small country has its own chances to start world peace.  And I am sure that other homes see the same things.
Bringing peace among the nations in my home I think starts with hearing out their demands.  Each of them want a say in how they run their countries, how they protect their borders, and how they fulfill their destinies.  Of course they run into the new world order and have to abide by the laws of the universe.  Still they have the opportunity to give input into the laws that must change as life grows up.
Especially around electronics, which is a constant issue in our world, having the communication of wants and desires, testing the effectiveness of the laws, and enforcing justice as required.  I doubt anyone can ever achieve world peace, but we can progress positively ahead with the practice of hearing out issues, discussing them in light of our existing rules, and adjusting them to suit an ever changing world.
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