Sunny and 50

With the Autumn in full swing, and with the leaves changing on the East Coast, this is the best time of year for many people. Where I live we are just past the full vibrancy of the fall colors and even so, there are moments that stop you in your tracks, and remind you of the beauty in life. Yesterday, October 28th, was one of those days that leaves you breathless. It was 50 and sunny and, well, so was I – fifty years old and sunny.

Even before the day started, I knew this was going to be special. First of all, this was not a singular event — so many of the 1966 crowd has been celebrating fifty years, and I realize what a great club I am in. Thank God I have my health and I feel strong and energetic, so as the day was coming, I felt like I was representing our club well. Second, much of my family was flying in from the West Coast, and even my buddy from Taiwan flew out to celebrate! Just knowing that they were here to be with me, and with our plans to bring friends together as well, this was surely going to be memorable.

The day started well, with some great meetings for work, and then a successful playoff game for Marlo’s soccer team, and the main event was the party. Themed as a costume party where everyone showed up dressed as their favorite tv characters from the shows we watched as kids, the party was a hoot. We transformed our house to a 70s Halloween, hip?, and happily catered party place. Everyone got into it and it was really fun.

Now that folks are waking up, I must get to the main event — the reason I am posting this seemingly self-aggrandizing essay. At one point, we gathered everyone in the living room to take a group photo, and at the end, my brother stepped in front of the crowd to say some really nice words about me, followed by my niece, my other brother, and other brother and my son and brother in law! This was getting good! So I pulled Kecia up for her to talk about me (I know, I am a jerk). And then I got my daughters up there. It was all really nice and touching and the kind of thing where after they got over the embarrassment of being pulled up in front of the group, they said heck, you’re fifty and when else are you going to say this stuff!

I then said a few words, and as you have probably read from this blog, I generally have a sunny outlook on things. I said that, especially as I get older, I realize that every day is an opportunity to find the joy in life, and to be healthy, and to make the most of the time we are here. Earlier this year my oldest brother died, and that instantly gave new perspective on why we should get together and celebrate. So whenever we get the chance, we should take it!

This morning I woke up on my own ironically at 6:49 and I laid in bed looking at the trees, with their leaves thinning out, surely like my hair will soon do, and I realized something. My sunny disposition is not completely internal, is not something that I enjoy on my own and arguably am lucky enough to have. Rather, it is a byproduct of being with my family and friends, and co-workers, and random people I meet on the street, where I try to bring out the fun and carefree side of others, and I get to share in that joyful experience. In other words, my sunny-ness would be nothing without you. So in addition to the party and the weather, I wake up this morning completely grateful for the people in my life, as I realize that the quality of my life is directly related to the quality of the moments that I share with you all. Oh my, I don’t know if it is wisdom or this hangover, but seeing this clearly will make for another wonderful day.

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