To Publish or Not To Publish

Good morning!

I am thrilled to have put my blog on the web and now be considered published.  Funny word published, because all I did was put it out there so anyone could read it, if they found it.  Still there is a difference in writing for myself and writing for others’ viewing.
That’s ok, as I must keep writing because I love the activity.  I do not have to put it all out there.  I certainly should only put out the stuff that makes me happy and that I am proud of.  I should only put out things that have that Oprah Ah Hah moment, which I often find at the end of my writing.
So in that vein, and not to be too vain, I will continue.
I often write and self regulate putting ideas down on paper because I am not sure they are exactly what I want to say or not said exactly how I want them said.  But that is why I need to make the distinction of being able to write and publish if I want to.  If it is good.  If my editor, Kecia, thinks it is good.  If she calls me up crying, then I believe it can be put up…  I like that gate.
That takes the stress off of me to feel that my musings in the morning are surely going to be viewed by everyone.  Not so.
How many things do I not do because of the consequences if it goes wrong?  How many efforts do I not start?  What about others?  Because something might not work, I might not even get started.  I know I have waited back from making investment moves or held back from moving on ventures I believed were good and worthy.  I should have just moved ahead and given it a shot.  I am sure lots of folks feel like that.  Hindsight is always 20/20, right?
I took a test on the Kolbe Index this last weekend.  It showed that I have a high interest and propensity to get moving on something, diving in, without all of the data that others might need to move forward.  My gut tells me to go in some cases, and I am all in.  I love that about me.  It doesn’t mean I jump Willy Nilly into every idea and adventure, because I do need to pay the bills.  But if there is a high degree of potential for a profitable outcome, then I am more likely to move.  And if there is not a lot of risk, but some short term cost and still the potential for payoff, I like that.
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